The creative agency for science.

We design experiences for research, data, and technology.



The creative agency for science.

We design experiences for research, data, and technology.


Communicate through experience.

People learn and understand with stories. Invite them to share your journey of discovery through an experience, then your story becomes part of their story.

And that changes everything.



VR / AR / 360


Motion Graphics and Animation


Videos and


Websites and
Interactive Media

Mobile Apps
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Featured Work

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

John Keats

Featured Work

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

John Keats


Design is our lab.

Design is our method for researching and developing experiences that engage people at a deeper level. Together, we’ll explore your biggest challenges, discover remarkable hidden opportunities, and inspire innovative connections that make an impact on people’s lives.



Augmented Reality

Share mixed reality experiences to tell your remarkable stories.

With our partners at Capitol Interactive, we’re helping scientists and researchers take their stories to another level.

When one of our client lab partners asked us to develop an experience to present at conferences and exhibits, we started with a story and began designing, building, and testing concepts.

< Early concept test w/ sound
(Capitol Interactive)

But there’s always more to the story than what we see. While VR and AR scenes are incredibly fun to watch, incorporating multiple channels of information create a more immersive environment for an audience.

When it’s their experience, you become part of their story.



Experience Design

AstroTours: A science experience travel agency.

What began as weekly consulting and design research with an astrophysicist barely a year ago, AstroTours was recently recognized by Lonely Planet™, the world’s biggest travel media publisher, as Best in Travel 2019 for dark sky tours.

AstroTours is a partnership between SpacetimeLabs and astrophysicist Paul Matt Sutter’s Active Galaxy Productions. We produce global, science-based travel experiences developed with and guided by experts in their fields of science and research, including astronomy, physics, biology, geology, and a lot more. Visit the ASTRO.TOURS website.



App Design & Development

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum iPad app for TechQuest.

The Smithsonian STEM project, TechQuest, launched another program at the Air & Space Museum with a new iPad app, designed and developed by SpacetimeLabs and Origin Story.
Learn more about it here.



Web Design

Digging Deeper - Telling the story of time.

SpacetimeLabs worked with PBS/NPR member station NET Nebraska to develop an online learning companion for their documentary, PALEO SLEUTHS, and design for their lesson-based STEM experience featured on PBS Learning Media. See it live: PaleoSleuths.org



Community Development

Visit our free resource lab.

We've collected an assortment of helpful articles, assets, and tips to support your science communication projects. If you don't see something you need, just send us a request and we'll add it to the Lab. Visit the Lab.









We work with explorers and pioneers.

( i.e. You. )


"SpacetimeLabs has significantly helped organize my approach to new opportunities and projects. A veritable guiding light of communication!"

Dr. Paul M. Sutter
Astrophysicist (OSU) / Host, “Ask a Spaceman” and “Space Radio”

”I've been so delighted to work with SpacetimeLabs this year on improving how I connect with others in my personal role as an author and public speaker, and as part of that, in how I translate science into a shared human experience. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Kimberly Arcand
Visualization Lead, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

"SpacetimeLabs helped us create an original experience that took our material further and provided us opportunity to raise funding for more content."

Chad Davis
Assistant General Manager, Emerging Media
NET, Nebraska's PBS & NPR stations

”SpacetimeLabs has really helped me understand how to market science and how to market my work… incredibly sharp, perceptive, intuitive, and creative… a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continued collaboration.”

Sara ElShafie
Global Change Biologist / Science Communicator


Banner photo by the amazingly talented Paul Wilson Images NZ.