Paul M. Sutter

Astrophysicist at OSU, Host of "Ask a Spaceman" YouTube and podcast series, and Chief Scientist at the COSI Science Center in Columbus, OH.

Paul Sutter is an astrophysicist at The Ohio State University, the Chief Scientist at COSI Science Center, and the one and only "Agent to the Stars". With his characteristic passion and humor, Paul is a new, fresh voice in science communication. He is the host of Ask a Spaceman, one of the top 10% of podcasts worldwide. As a contributing editor to, his articles regularly reach over 100,000 readers and are syndicated to CBS News, Fox News, Yahoo, and MSN. Paul frequently appears on radio ,TV, and in print, and consults with film producers and National Geographic Studios.

Serving as the public face of science for COSI, he gives frequent talks, shows, and appearances to a variety of audiences, including in his popular "Deep Space Q&A" planetarium show. 

Paul’s company, Active Galaxy Productions, creates innovative films blending science with art. The company’s first project, Song of the Stars, raised $25,000 on Kickstarter to produce a dance performance themed from astronomy. The film of the live performance will be nationally distributed. 

An established scientist, Paul has authored over 50 academic papers on topics ranging from the earliest moments of the Big Bang, to the emptiest places in the universe, to novel methods for detecting the first stars. He received his PhD in Physics in 2011, and prior to his current position he held research fellowships in Paris and Italy. He has given over 100 seminars, colloquia, and conference talks at institutions around the world.

Paul is routinely asked to talk about physics, space exploration, the intersection of science and art, and the relationship between science and society.

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