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Tips for scientists communicating with the press


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"Sell" the problem you solve, not the science.


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Science Experience example #1

Translate your science and research into a human-centered experience. Make it personal.

But a science experience is more than just a video. It should be a series of stories in a conversation that grows over time, or a moment shared with an audience of fans.

NOTE: This particular video has received over 16 million views in the last year.


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10 Reasons to Use Animation
& Motion Graphics


  1. Cost-effective – While it is time intensive, sometimes animation can save money when used in place of difficult location shooting or expensive cast, crew and equipment.

  2. Limitless – Anything is possible, go anywhere. There are no physical boundaries like there are in live action. Transform new ideas into reality before a product has even gone into production.

  3. Ageless – Your spokesmodels never truly get older and remain timeless.

  4. Engaging – Make a big impact that gets your audience’s attention. It’s just more fun. It’s also easier for clients like banks, insurance and real estate to come across as friendlier and warm.

  5. Quick visual communication – Take complex ideas or processes and make them easily digestible in a fun and graphic way. Boring stats become interesting with motion.

  6. Memorable – Messaging and higher recall for your target audience.

  7. Gives life to objects and ideas, creating an emotional connection.

  8. Does your speaking for you – Motion graphics aren’t camera shy! Your CEO may not want to be in front of a camera so let animation do the talking.

  9. Enhances style – Motion graphics can refresh the look of any product, add modern high tech elements and dynamically improve upon a tired image.

  10. Boosts sharing – Unique and entertaining messaging promotes greater sharing of the relevant content that search engines value so much. The increased time spent watching engaging content can also increase search engine rankings and improve your site analytics.


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In 5 years, 80% of the whole Internet
will be online video.

By Brian Fung, May 27, 2015, The Washington Post (click to read the full article)

By Brian Fung, May 27, 2015, The Washington Post (click to read the full article)

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Science Experience example #2

When you share science in a more personal, human storyline, your research becomes more personal and easier for your audience to relate empathetically.

In My Shoes is a video series following the personal and professional life of the MIT Media Lab professor Cesar A. Hidalgo. In This episode, Cesar presents on opening Keynote at the Force 11 conference for data science and research communication with Steven Pinker.

NOTE: This is Episode #6 in the 8-episode series. You really didn't need to watch the previous videos to understand the draw of the program. This makes it much easier for new audiences to enter Cesar's storyline. It takes careful content strategy planning to find a good balance between 'series vs episode' storytelling, but the effort can produce significant results in growing your audience.

Share your journey of courage and discovery.

Research is an open-ended narrative, with heroes and champions on a quest into the unknown, facing great challenges and uncovering hidden treasure.  MORE

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