About the podcast.

Science by Design explores the technologies, researches the opportunities, and celebrates the achievements that result when science and design collaborate. We invite our audience to participate in the discussion, sharing their questions, ideas, and challenges in developing science experiences and communication.

Some of the topics we’ll cover: science storytelling, virtual and augmented reality, Design Thinking, 3D printing, user experience and user interface design, web development, video production, animation and motion graphic design, social media for scientists, marketing to building an audience, Agile and Lean development methodologies, and additional topics requested by our listeners.

Your hosts…


Kim Arcand is the Visualization Lead for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory at the Center for Astrophysics, Harvard+Smithsonian.


Nic DiPalma is a design entrepreneur, producer and director, brand strategist, motion graphic artist, and founder of SpacetimeLabs.



Season 1
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Episode 01 / An introduction to Science by Design



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