This is an amazing community we're building together and we don't take your support lightly.

We're here to help scientists and researchers understand the value and the impact your creative services will have for them. That means we need to always be researching what is valuable to them and how we create a broader impact together. As we discover more about our marketplace, we'll share the information you need to develop the products and services that our customers want.

Based on feedback and activity so far, we're making some updates (v1.1) to our platform effective June 1st:

  • All SciCommArts users will be able to invite new users. Do you know a scientist or research team that needs help with their website, a logo, or social media profiles? Or consider inviting your friends in design, marketing, or training to a cohort and post connected listings.
  • The maximum price for any creative service will be limited to $4,000 USD. Our customers are typically unable to make a "buy now" purchase for much more than that due to budget constraints or purchasing requirements. We understand the value of your services may exceed that price, so we recommend a more economical version that meets customer needs and creates value for the marketplace.
  • We will prioritize free resources listings at the top of the marketplace. You are not required to post free resources, but we highly recommend it. By developing a useful guide, an ebook or PDF, or a social media template, you’ll allow customers to learn more about your expertise and encourage them to explore your services further. Something as simple as a web design brief can have a tremendous impact for a scientist who needs help getting their scicomm project started.
  • We’re developing a new scicomm blog with a focus on tips, tricks, how-to’s, etc. We’ll also highlight artists and their creative services as well as scientists who have used art in their scicomm. Everyone who signs up to SciCommArts may submit articles for the blog when it goes live. We’ll keep you posted!

Thanks again for being a part of SciCommArts and supporting the science community. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out and let us know.

Thank you!

The Lab Team at SciCommArts