Jenn Maer

Design Director

As Design Director at IDEO, Jenn helps companies and organizations hatch new brands, hone and express their existing brands, and on exceptionally good days, create positive change in the world.

She leads multi-disciplinary teams of talented designers to bring brand strategies to life through physical spaces, products, web sites, systems, experiences, apps, communications, and musical numbers. (No. Really. She wrote a musical.)

As a Portfolio Director, Jenn also does a bunch of other leader/manager stuff: Inspire teams, mentor and coach, hire, speaking engagements, and develop new business.

Jenn is at her happiest when creating things that bypass the brain’s radar and goes straight to the heart. Speaking of which, she also teaches IDEO U's course, Storytelling for Impact, where you can learn to do the same. 

In her spare time, Sara loves to watch movies, travel, hike, scuba dive, and play with her pet geckos.

Discover more about Jenn ...

Website: IDEO U's Storytelling for Influence

LinkedIn: JennMaer

Twitter: @jennmaer