Frequently Asked Questions

We're a very different kind of agency. Many of us are scientists in our fields of design research and creative practice, but we're not commonly thought of when institutions and organizations think of science communication. That's all about to change. Forever.


+ Who is SpacetimeLabs?

SpacetimeLabs is a network of award-winning designers, producers, developers, engineers, communicators, marketers, artists, speakers, fundraisers, business developers, and entrepreneurs. Our founder and CEO is Nic DiPalma, a design entrepreneur with a career spanning educational media, public television, network news, brand marketing strategy, and web/mobile product development. Together, we build teams around converting your unique challenges into opportunities and teaching you the creative thinking skills to accelerate your research.

+ Why do I need this?

All research needs funding - for today and for the future. And your science needs an audience to convert those fans and followers into funds. If you want to build greater support and understanding with the public and secure a strong future for your research, a simple shift in perspective can make a broad impact in how you communicate the value of your science. Just start. You won't learn anything until you do.

+ How much do you charge for your services?

Our goal is to create 10x the value (or more!) of what our customers have to invest and we can develop projects to match any investment or budget requirement. We offer fixed pricing for all of our clients so costs will never increase, even if our scope of work adjusts along the way. Most of our project engagements are on retainer for a subscription with a fixed fee each month and access to all of our creative services. Government and non-profit agencies require us to work on an hourly schedule and those rates have a broad range based on the resources requested. Every challenge is different and the levels of expertise we apply vary as needed.

+ What is a science experience?

Just as your budget determines your scope of a project, the same applies to the process for designing solutions to meet your challenges. That said, these steps are critical to discovering and producing the right solutions for you: Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test Iterate

+ What makes your agency a 'lab?'

Like science, creativity is never 'finished.' We are always exploring and iterating our way through challenges as we discover hidden opportunities for learning. Collaboration and diversity are the tools we use for developing projects and breakthrough ideas. We research, test, analyze, adapt, adjust, and repeat our cycles as necessary to achieve results.

+ Do you help raise money for research?

Yes, but not as a broker to financing, fundraising, or philanthropy. We help our clients and partners present and pitch their need for funding to stakeholders, sponsors, and investors. We also look to the public as a source for support through crowdfunding, donating through social media, e-commerce, and entrepreneurial platforms.

+ How do we get started?

That's easy. Let's have a conversation. It's free and it could save you a lot of time and money, whether you choose to work with us or you want to do the work yourself. Regardless, we'll help you get started in the right direction. Connect with us here and tell us more about your research, your ideas, and your goals.