Design is a lab for solving problems and building the future.

When most people hear the word "design" they think of a website, a logo, or maybe a product. They wouldn't be wrong, but those are just "deliverables" and the result of continuous research, testing, and a strategy for engaging with an intended audience.

If you have a deliverable mindset about design, you are missing out on the remarkable advantages that a practice in creative thinking can offer. Just a simple shift in perspective can open amazing doors of opportunity for your science. We'll talk about websites, logos, and products, but you'll never look at any of them the same way again after this CoLab.

Join us to discover ...

• the connection between science and design.

• how design can help you share your science story.

• human-centered design principles for solving problems.

• how to promote a design culture in your team.

• how to practice or improve your design skills.

• what design can do for you.

• our guests for this CoLab...


Eric Rodenbeck

CEO & Creative Director
Stamen Design

Hunter Whitney

Sr. Consultant, Author, Instructor
Data Visualization and UX Design



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Our CoLabs are live, online conversations to help you develop your science communication through multiple channels and create a broader impact.

We mix experts in science, research, marketing, design, video, and entrepreneurship. Attendees are encouraged to participate and share their questions and ideas with our experts.

Nic DiPalma
Founder & CEO, SpacetimeLabs
Host and moderator


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