Sara ElShafie

Doctoral Candidate
University of California, Berkeley

Sara ElShafie is a doctoral candidate in Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research, based at the UC Museum of Paleontology at Berkeley, investigates climate change impacts on animal communities over time. Sara is passionate about making science accessible and exciting for the masses. She is working with artists, scientists, and educators around the country to develop programs that train professionals to engage broad audiences with their work. 

Before entering her doctoral program at UC Berkeley, Sara completed her B.A. in Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago. During her time in Chicago, Sara discovered a passion for informal education through work with outreach programs for inner-city youth. She then founded a student-run outreach and mentorship program at UChicago. Sara continued to develop her interest in outreach while completing a Masters degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She joined the Ph.D. program at UC Berkeley with the intention to pursue a career in science education leadership. 

A year into her Ph.D., Sara began to seek communication training because she was struggling to communicate her research to non-specialists. A lifelong Pixar fan, she reached out to the studio to arrange a storytelling seminar for graduate students. She has since developed an ongoing collaboration with artists at Pixar to create communication workshops that focus on story training. 

In her spare time, Sara loves to watch movies, travel, hike, scuba dive, and play with her pet geckos.

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