Aaron Huertas

Founder and Principal
Science Communication Media

Aaron works at the intersection of politics, civic engagement and science. He previously worked for the Union of Concerned Scientists, primarily focused on helping scientists effectively engage in policy debates. He also worked for Cater Communications, a bipartisan clean energy firm, where he focused on federal fuel economy policy and state-level clean energy rules.

In 2016, he ran a field office in Athens, Ohio for NextGen Climate where he helped register thousands of students to vote. His current work involves helping scientists become more civically engaged. He organized a candidate training for 314 Action, a group dedicated to getting more scientists elected to office, and volunteered with the national March for Science. He is also working with Climate Access on stakeholder engagement for the state of California's sea-level rise guidance update.

Aaron co-runs Nerd Nite DC, a long-running nerdtastic nightlife series, and writes about science communication for outlets including MIT's Undark, the Poynter Institute and Sigma Xi.

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